Friday, October 14, 2011

Hey all, long time no chit chat......very sorry!!
Been thinking, I have sorely neglected my blog which is extremely naughty of me I know, my bad :'(
I have obviously had a very serious chat with myself, and on the whole I listened to what I had to say; and I think I took it pretty well really. I offered myself some advice - which I took on board, and will try to put into practice - after all, I only have my best interests at heart :)

OK - Moving swiftly along and leaving  my random ramblings to one side, I really will try and blog more frequently than I have been doing. Like everyone else in the world you sometimes just get caught up in other things, and some stuff gets neglected, so we will try and amend that situation. I do find it difficult sometimes to find time as there's only me doing this, and between trying to build the business, a website, a reputation - run a home and everything that goes with that, spend time with wonderful boyfriend and awesome son - add to that a few hours work in a part time job whilst I try and get Hostile Hides a viable concern......phew!!! See what I mean? I'm knackered just writing it down lol. *resists urge to go and have a vodka and a lie down*

I'm hoping to maybe do few blog posts based around leather work, and anything connected with it that hope you will find interesting and informative. It could be a product I found that seemed to work well, or a technique I used that made life easier, anything I think you might like really. It's funny sometimes the odd little things you find as you go along, that make things a little easier when your working :)

There are some wonderful posts on the net that people have taken the time and trouble to put up for the likes of you and me to read, laugh at, gain advise or knowledge from; or just hold your attention for a short while. I love reading them when I have time, and think it would be kick ass if someone thought reading mine was even half as entertaining or interesting as those.

Anyhow that's it for now, hope everyone is well and life is treating you nicely.
Much hugs from me, and don't forget - get your friends to go to facebook and like our page. It good for my page of course, but they also get to save a very sad cow from becoming a piece of armour, or some belt or accessory. Plus they get to see a very happy, grateful cow in it's new home when they hit the like button :)

Bye for now
The Hostile Heroine xx