Wednesday, November 21, 2012

About time

Hey there,

Well I know I said I would do a bit more blogging than I actually ended up doing; but sometime such is life. With the best intentions in the world, life sometimes has this habit of destroying your plans; or at least curtailing them for a while.

But...putting that to one side, I actually do intend to blog more; I enjoy it when I do. I know I ramble and am dreadful for getting distracted and going off on a tangent; but hey! No one is perfect :)
Am undecided if I should leave my blog here, or start a separate one on a more professional footing (ha!), hmm I shall have a think on that and let you know.

Hopefully back soon with answers to what's happening with the blog, life, and the universe of course, can't forget about that little guy :P
Cya soon

The Hostile Heroine