Friday, April 5, 2013

Well here we are again.

It's been a busy time lately as I have been building a new website; mainly because the previous one was likely to make your eyes bleed if you spent too long on there. Yes it truly was that bad, but it was my first and everyone has to start somewhere and learn.
The new one is much easier to look at and I'm pretty pleased with it - go me!!

Was thinking of starting to do some blogs or vids with helpful tips for leathercrafters/workers, as sometimes it's the little things you didn't know that save you sooo much time in the long run. Plus I like explaining things to people, I guess I should have been a teacher really. That would have been great, apart from you are not allowed to lock them in cupboards till home time; which is a shame really.

Anyway, long story short, at least if I decide to do some blogs they won't be all businessy and boring, I find it so hard to blog sensibly and not ramble a bit somewhere!
To get to the point though, as we are getting a little bit straighter and more organised, I wondered if anyone would actually want to read it; so I am still sort of thinking about it........

I shall keep you posted! :)

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