Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hi and Welcome

Copied this from the first blog I did the other day, but I had to take it down as it just wasn't letting me format anything - so I pasted it over to this one so my message wasn't lost. Anyhoo here it is for you to see :)

Hey all, this is my first ever blog anywhere so I'm in new territory at the moment. Uploaded the website so I could see how it looked and some parts look really great, plus I'm happy with the overall look of it. On the down side some parts are going to need some work doing on them; I never thought building a site would be so time consuming and such hard work. Still so much to add and my mind is buzzing with ideas for stuff but I really need to get this half decent first.
Well thats it for today it was just to introduce myself and say hi, and to welcome you to the site. I'm off now to train those angry cows in the fine art of website building 
The Hostile Heroine x

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