Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quick update

Hi again,
only a quick blog as I have been really busy figuring out the prices of the goods for going on the website:(
Hot dam is that a pain in the proverbial lower portions, anyhow it's getting there now. Only have a few more pictures to upload and sort the prices and then it's just a case of doing them as I go along; as opposed to doing a load and wishing I was attached intravenously to a vodka drip to help me through.
Anyway I digress lol, I have been thinking about my new arch enemy the ninja tin lid, and I was wondering what he might look like? so I knocked together a reasonably close photo-fit of him. I do this out of concern for all you out there who may not be aware of the Nemesis that has arisen in our midst, and so attach the afore mentioned photo-fit so you may remain vigilante, and stay safe.

I am currently purchasing more cows to add to my protection against this menace, and highly suggest you do the same.

Chat soon and be on your guard!!

The Hostile Heroine x

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